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IPad Mini Review

After using my iPad mini for the past week and I have to say that I am having a love affair. This is the perfect device. Now that’s not to say that the original iPad isn’t good. Because it is. It is astounding at how well each device has carved out a niche for itself. 

Now even though I sing Apples praises most of the time, I do think that they missed the mark on the display. I have been blessed with retina display for the past few devices I use including my retina MacBook Pro. So going from retina to non-retina is a jump. I can definitely tell the difference but that’s not to say it isn’t stunning. It sports the same close up display that the iPhone 5 does. So the display is nice, but not retina. That being said, I can see why they didn’t include retina. If you remember when the IPad 3 came out with retina it was heavier and thicker than the previous IPad 2. So by leaving out the retina in the Mini, Apple could keep it lighter and thinner, as well as keeping the price down. 

Having wrote most of this review on my mini it is a very functional. I have found no problem regarding the size and weight, in fact I love it. I take it everywhere. From my bed to my desk, to class, to home and the couch. It truly is the best second screen for me. I loved my iPad 3 but it was just to big, even though I didn’t know that until I got my Mini. 

The hardware is incredible and surpasses anything else on the market right now in the 7-9in realm. To me the look and feel of the mini is worth the extra $129, the feel of the plastic back of the nexus 7 and the large plastic bezel of the kindle fire put the Mini in a class of its own. 

The software is what you would expect. If you own any kind of IOS device then you will feel right at home, and if you owned a IPad previously then you will feel like you jumped into your old chair. Even though the Mini sports an older processor it still feels quick. I have yet to have an issue with it lagging or with apps delaying. I can tell a difference between the Mini and my IPhone 5, but it isn’t a problem. 


Overall the IPad Mini is amazing. It will sell a ton this holiday and I think it will eventually replace the 9.7in model in popularity. I think Apple hit a home run even if the rest of the world hasn’t seen it yet.I am currently a huge Apple advocate projecting my admiration from the glow of my LCD bible on my iPad mini.   
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